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Why Create a Smartnode in FuerteCoin

Creating a Smartnode on FuerteCoin is an excellent way to obtain FUEC

Passive Income

Smartnodes generate passive income through block rewards. As a Smartnode owner, you will receive a portion of the rewards generated on the FuerteCoin blockchain. These rewards are distributed periodically, meaning you can continually earn FUEC without requiring constant intervention.

Active Participation

Smartnode owners play an active role in the network. They help maintain and secure the FuerteCoin network, contributing to its stability and reliability. In return, they receive rewards for their contribution, with 50% of block rewards allocated to Smartnodes.

Scalability and Flexibility

You can create multiple Smartnodes if you wish, allowing you to diversify and increase your potential earnings. This provides flexibility to adapt your strategy to your needs and objectives.

Participate in a promising project

FuerteCoin is designed to revolutionize the gaming industry and promote fun interactions. By creating on Smartnodes, you are supporting a project with a strong vision and a growing target market.

Transparency and Security

FuerteCoin is built on an advanced blockchain that offers security and transparency. As a Smartnode owner, you can transparently track your rewards and transactions through the blockchain.

Active Community

FuerteCoin has an active community of enthusiasts and members who support the project. By joining as a Smartnode owner, you become part of this community and can participate in discussions and decisions related to the cryptocurrency’s development.

In summary, creating a Smartnode in FuerteCoin is an investment that combines passive income (with 50% of block rewards allocated to Smartnodes), active network participation, scalability, and support for a promising project. This is an excellent way to contribute to the growth of FuerteCoin while also reaping financial benefits. Guide to Setting Up a FuerteCoin Smart Node on Linux Ubuntu 20